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Selective Service documents

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The three following documents are part of the Selective Service’s record of Bill Friedman’s two-years of alternative service for the University of California, Berkeley, where the School of Criminology directed him to hang out with hoodlums in Las Vegas and study extensive documents in the library at UNLV.

This is the Selective Service’s June 2, 1967 Order to Report for Civilian Work for Bill Friedman at the University of California, Berkeley School of Criminology

This is an October 25, 1967 memo from Joseph D. Lohman, Dean of the School of Criminology to inform the library at the University of California, Berkeley that Bill Friedman was an employee of the College, so had access to research materials in the library

This is the Selective Service’s July 9, 1969 Certificate of Release From Civilian Work for Bill Friedman, who completed his two-year alternative service program from July 7, 1967 to July 6, 1969

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